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Quality Tree Care Services in Jackson, WY

Tree Pruning and Removal
DuPont_1Advanced tree climbing and technical rigging skills combined with a deep understanding of tree biology and pruning techniques, Professional Tree Care has the equipment and experience to successfully complete tree pruning and removal projects of all sizes. Pruning and removing trees, especially large trees can be dangerous work and should only be completed those trained to do so.
Plant Health Care
CrabappleBlossomWhether you are concerned about one tree or your entire landscape, we will develop a plan to meet your needs and stay within your budget. Using the most cost effective and environmentally sensitive treatments available, we identify the issues and directly address them to improve the health and appearance of the trees and shrubs in your landscape. Our Plant Health Care services in Jackson, WY include organic composting and mulching, root collar excavation, soil nutrient analysis/enhancement (deep root fertilization), pesticide applications (foliar and bark spraying, soil injection, tree injection), pruning, pest and disease monitoring, and more.
Stump Grinding and Removal
StumpGrinderTired of tripping over or damaging your lawn mower on those old stumps? Our mean, lean grinding machine is perfect for all types and sizes of stump removals. Self-propelled and only 36″ wide, it has the maneuverability to get to those hard to reach spots.
Wildfire Prevention/Defensible Space
Defensible-spaceLocally a hot topic, Professional Tree Care has successfully participated in multiple grant programs in Teton County for funding clients’ projects and improving the safety around their homes from the threat of wildfire. With over 18 years of wildland firefighting experience, owner Todd Fitzgerald takes pride in reducing the vegetative fuels around your property while understanding forest succession processes for retaining the healthy trees that will make up the forest of tomorrow.
PA180625Unsure or have concerns regarding your trees health, safety, or management? Professional Tree Care offers tree health and risk assessments, tree appraisal, tree protection during construction projects, and tree management plans. From detailed written reports to simple on site consultations we can help to alleviate your concerns for the trees and shrubs in your landscape.


Why do I need a Certified Arborist?
Certified Arborists are tree care specialists dedicated to excellence in the field of arboriculture. They are highly qualified in the care of your valuable trees and shrubs with knowledge of the most up-to-date advances and proven age-old techniques. Certified Arborists are widely recognized professionals educated and trained in tree pest and disease diagnosis and management, pruning, tree biology, tree risk assessment, tree planting, fertilization, and managing trees during construction. Todd Fitzgerald has been a Certified Arborist (#PN-1426A) since 1998, maintaining the certification every three years by meeting continuing education requirements set by the International Society of Arboriculture Certification Program. Verification of this certification is available at
What is killing my trees?
Every tree species has its own list of pests and diseases that it is susceptible to. Lack of water or too much water can be one of the most common issues associated with poor tree health and can lead to increased pest and disease activity. Understanding these relationships between trees and disease and being able to identify the cause of the decline of your trees health is the first step to taking corrective action.
Are my trees safe?
It all depends on what the target is or what they will hit if they fail. Tree risk assessment is the systematic process to identify, analyze, and evaluate tree risk. Risk is the combination of the likelihood of an event and the severity of the potential consequences. In areas where people or valuable property may be within striking distance of tree failure the consequences could be significant to severe. It is impossible to maintain trees free of all risk, but understanding the structural condition of a tree can help identify an unstable tree that looks relatively healthy.
What is a Qualified Tree Risk Assessor?
The Tree Risk Assessment Qualification is part of the International Society of Arboriculture’s (ISA) Credentialing Program, a voluntary program designed to test an individual’s degree of knowledge in the field of arboriculture. The Tree Risk Assessment Qualification requires individuals to take a designated course, and must successfully pass exam including written and practical field component to earn the qualification. The credentialing program is designed to increase the standard of practice in the tree care industry, promote the professional development of individual practicing arborists, and assist the public in identifying qualified tree care professionals. When contracting for tree risk assessment, the ISA recommends hiring arborists who are ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified. ISA Certified Arborist Todd Fitzgerald earned the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification credential by successfully completing the course and passing the exam administered by the ISA and the Rocky Mountain Chapter in May of 2014. Verification of this credential is available at

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